All crazy for the Duke of Hastings: the Bridgerton phenomenon

What is Bridgerton's real success? The costumes? The plot? The adventures of the Bridgerton family clan? We have no doubts. This is the Duke of Hastings, or simply Simon Bassett. Interpreted by Regé-Jean Page, a semi-unknown actor who found himself catapulted into the Olympus of celebs.
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Ever since Bridgerton, the Shonda Rhimes TV series, was released on Netflix, he has been overwhelmed by incalculable popularity and is already considered one of the sexiest men in the world. His Duke of Hastings has convinced everyone, men, women, mothers, grandmothers. With that dark and unreachable air, in a mix of sweetness and roughness that drives the crinolines of the female characters of the TV series crazy, as much as the audience at home. With abs and B-side being frequently on display (there are sex scenes that weren't quite as thrilling since "50 Shades of Gray") they have loudly sparked the demand for a second season.

For now the followers on Instagram are "only" about 600K but the Bridgerton-Mania is all on the rise. Regé-Jean Page in Bridgerton is a version of a Mr. Darcy à la Jane Austen and of the "beautiful with fear of loving" but who is actually crazy about his Daphne (played by the angelic Phoebe Dynevo), Lady Bridgerton and the only capable to make him capitulate. "Simon is part of the tradition of many famous archetypes, he is an anti-hero, mysterious, dark, menacing, tormented by his past. He is attractive, so we want to find out who he is, how he redeems himself, what he has to do in the end to be able to do it", - explained the actor talking about his character. And good Shonda comes to tell us. The recipe for success includes: a mid-nineteenth-century London made of sensational costumes, racial integration, love stories with modern accents (lots of sex!) combined with the drama of being a woman in a macho society (even if the puppeteer is a source of gossip is a mysterious Lady Whistledown) and adventure.


Regé-Jean Page was born in Zimbabwe in 1990, but at the age of 14 he moved to London (his father is a British preacher, his mother a Zimbabwean nurse) where he discovered his passion for acting. For Regé-Jean, being born to a mixed-race couple made him "a walking political statement", as he told the Interview Magazine, "with just my face, it's like I'm saying: my parents did one thing enough. revolutionary to f*ck some of you".

In London he studied at the Drama Center London, the same school as Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy and Pierce Brosnan and began his "apprenticeship" at the theater, playing in the dramas "The Days of Rage", "The History Boys", and "A merchant of Venice" at the Globe Theater alongside the more famous Jonathan Pryce in 2016. In the same year his overseas debut with the role of Chicken George in the remake of the TV series "Roots". Between 2018 and 2019 he plays the role of Leonard Knox in the fiction "For the People" (the show also produced by Shona Rhimes - the famous creator of "How to get away with murder" and "Grey's Anatomy" - aired for two seasons on ABC) before being recalled by Shondalanda (the production company of Shonda) for the adaptation project of Julia Quinn's romance books and the proposal to be "His Grace, the Duke of Hastings" or simply Simon, the hard with a soft heart and, one cannot omit, a body to take your breath away. At the cinema he stars in "Survivor, Mortal Machines" and "Sylvie's Love" on Amazon Prime.

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