Gigi Hadid finally reveals her daughter's name

The little one is only 4 months old
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Four months after the birth of her first daughter, Gigi Hadid finally revealed her name! The model and her boyfriend Zayn Malik welcomed their daughter in September last year and have so far kept their daughter's name and face a secret. But last Thursday (21.01), the model subtly updated her Instagram bio to: 'Khai's mother'. The couple did not elaborate on their decision to name their daughter Khai, nor did they confirm any middle names or surnames.

As expected, there are several theories circulating online about the origins and meaning of the name. Some suggest that the name is a reference to Arab roots in both families. Malik is of Pakistani heritage, while Gigi's father, Mohamed, is Palestinian. According to some speculators, the name 'Khai' supposedly means 'crowned' in Arabic, which would fit perfectly with Malik's surname, which means the 'King'.

The name also has similarities with other names that belonged to the top family. For example, her younger sister Bella's middle name is Khair, and her paternal grandmother was Khairiah Hadid. The model - who confirmed this week that she discovered she was pregnant during New York Fashion Week, the day before modeling for Tom Ford.


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