Kate Middleton talks about the difficult parts of motherhood

The Duchess of Cambridge is the mother of three children
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Kate Middleton spoke about her mothering experiences while visiting the UK charity Family Action this week. The Duchess of Cambridge, who has three children with Prince William, talked to other mothers and volunteers about the real challenges of being a mother.

Kate's visit coincided with the launch of FamilyLine, the organization's new helpline for parents seeking support. "It's so hard. You get a lot of support as a mom particularly in the first few days. But after that, the help slows down." The duchess also noted that "everyone experiences the same struggle."

A volunteer from the charity added that Kate acknowledged "that families have the same pressures and struggles and that she is no exception."

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Kate and William are parents of Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 3, and Prince Louis, who will celebrate the first year in April. Although she does not give much details about her children, she often gives tips on motherhood.

While meeting with the Royal Ballet dancers last week, Kate revealed that Charlotte began to enjoy dancing after receiving a "small performance" from one of the members of the Royal Opera House.

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