Last year the American brand first presented Bottle Source, a campaign with an ecological focus. Now it returns with a fresh look uniting social responsibility and conscious consumption.
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The North Face's commitment to protecting the environment continues with Bottle Source for this spring of 2020 in its second edition with the main objective of preserving the environment by creating an option that represents a real contribution.

Accessibility to Everest has represented a major change, its visits - constant and common - have led to a growing ecological impact in this region. Thanks to this, the products developed for Bottle Source have been designed from recycled plastic, collected from PET bottles found in the Himalayas, in order to eliminate this waste from the emblematic mountain range.


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Composed of t-shirts and sweatshirts, the collection is bathed in a palette of primary colors, typical of nature. Vibrant reds, greens, whites, blues and yellows are complemented by a print positioned in the center of the garment that illustrates and commemorates the Himalayas.

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