Roberto Cavalli's New Amazing Yacht

The award-winning vessel that was made to meet the requirements of the designer.
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The renowned Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli has an absolute passion for the sea and is already known for purchasing luxury boats for leisure time. His latest purchase is an award-winning yacht at the World Superyacht Trophies!

According to Tommaso Spadolini, the designer responsible for creating Cavalli's yacht, the stylist's requirements were entirely different for this model. "He used the RC very much, his first yacht, as a corporate yacht to promote his business and it was always full of guests. This time he wanted a sailing yacht with his partner, three crew and up to four guests. Not forgetting his two dogs, Lupo and Lapo!" explains Spadolini.

Roberto Cavalli has a nautical license, and so requested a smaller boat, where he had more autonomy, contact with the water and could drive alone. The superyacht is capable of sailing at 40 knots and has engines coupled to water jets and lightweight material in the hull construction and structure.

The designer also made a point of specifying that his suite should be at a high level behind the command post - the first on a yacht of this size - with panoramic sea views and natural ventilation. On the lower deck is another VIP suite plus a guest cabin. Of course, the entire craft is decorated in Cavalli's familiar style with jaguar prints, holograms, gold accents, and Greek statues.



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