Royal diet: check out 10 surprising habits of the British royal family

The former chef Darren McGrady has revealed the food secrets of the British royal family.
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From 1982 to 1993, Darren McGrady served as a private chef for the British royal family and was able to closely monitor the behavior of its members, both in more relaxed moments, such as vacations at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, and in compliance with protocols that determine the conduct at Buckingham Palace.

Here are 10 curious habits of royalty:

1 Barbecue

According to MCGrady, Prince Philip was responsible for the family's barbecues and it was common to find him in the kitchen, while his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, was accompanied by his sister, Princess Margaret, in picking strawberries.

2 The last mouthful

The royal protocols state that when the queen finishes her meal, all the guests also finish it, being obliged, therefore, to drop their cutlery. Thus, guests' dishes still full of food were often notable.

3 Elizabeth II delays

British punctuality does not seem to be part of the queen's qualities. As she used to be late for dinner, the palace staff reported different times to Elizabeth II and her guests; for the Queen Mother, the meal time was set for 8:15 pm, while for the others, for 8:30 pm.

4 Plastic pots

Those who imagine that Elizabeth II is only served on dishes adorned with extreme refinement are wrong. Part of the queen's simplest habits is to eat fruits directly from plastic pots.

5 Menu

Queen Elizabeth II's choices are determined from a pre-selected menu and are strictly followed, without the possibility of last minute changes.

6 Formal wear

Dressing in evening dress for dinner is part of royalty, initiated by Queen Victoria. At the end of the dinner, the guests are entertained by a musician who plays the traditional bagpipes.

6 McDonald´s

Not even children of royalty escape the taste for fast foods. According to McGrady, Princess Diana sometimes canceled lunches to take princes William and Harry to McDonald's. The boys also enjoyed fried pizzas and snacks.

7 Staff dinner

Not always the official menu appeals to all royalty. According to McGrady, Prince Philip, when asking in the kitchen about the evening menu, decided to replace the lamb medallions intended for the nobles with separate chops for the team.

8 No garlic

The matriarch of the royal family, although she has almost no dietary restrictions, does not even support the smell of garlic, so she forbade seasoning in her meals.

10 Rigid diet

Princess Diana imposed a strict diet: no red meat, even though it contained carbohydrates, which, according to the princess, could be fought in the gym. As MCGrady says, Lady Di suffered from bulimia, but information about the eating disorder was not known to everyone in the palace.

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