Selena Gomez Drops Cinematic Music Video for "Back To You"

...and we're looking at you, Justin.
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Selena Gomez commits grand theft auto in the music video for “Back To You,” a track released last month from her TV show 13 Reasons Why. Gomez first announced the single with a series of meme-worthy screen-caps with subtitles, reminiscent of Gucci's Fall 2016 ad campaign. In them, the Coach spokeswoman wears a series of adorable, vintage-inspired outfits and sports a retro bob, proving once again that her cuteness (and knack for evolutionary style) knows no limit. 


In the clip directed by Scott Cudmore, Gomez is seen standing at a party looking bored, only to approach a Bieber-esque blondie in the corner and ask him if he wants to steal a car. Their adventure starts off like any old rom-com until Gomez realizes that they’re wanted by the police and concludes they should burn the car. When the boy claims she’s “too passionate,” she leaves him abandoned in a field and returns back to the aforementioned party. Slow clap for you, Selena.


Watch the video, below.

Selena Gomez - Back To You

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