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Physical and emotional well-being are more united than ever. We collected 4 GI accounts to learn more about the Hindu discipline called yoga.
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Yoga was born in India approximately 5000 years ago as a practice created to balance the body, mind and spirit. It is neither boring, nor especially difficult, but it requires effort and perseverance. There are two words that we must learn: asana and pranayama. Asanas are postures that must be comfortable and stable, a posture is conquered when it is reached without difficulty and when it is easy to maintain. They have a medicinal purpose: to heal and keep organs and metabolism in optimal working order, to strengthen the body and make it more flexible. Through each asana the physical body is worked to conquer the mind and spirit.

Pranayama means "control of prana" - or life energy - in Sanskrit. It is about mastering breathing to oxygenate cells, eliminate waste and fill us with energy. Also, the breath is connected to the mind: when we control the breath, the mind relaxes. Breathing is essential in yoga. Within the discipline there are several branches: Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini ... All of them oriented to different objectives, from getting in shape to controlling the energy of the body.

Instagram is overcrowded with yoga accounts that make this discipline seem easy and even banal. Beyond baseless acrobatic poses and ultimate model equipment, there are yogis who, in some way, make a difference and remember the diversity that exists in this community.


These twins are yogis and dancers. They live apart, but they tell their story on this Instagram account they have in common. Cristen and Kimberly Chin, of Chinese, Irish, and Norwegian descent, worked for fashion magazines and campaigned for brands like Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo, Gaultier, Armani, Valentino, and Gucci. In 2014 they created their IG account to share their passion for yoga, ballet, dance and jazz. They are both RYT 200 certified moms and teachers.

Chin Twins


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Based in London, she is a certified yoga teacher. "Yoga has given me the tools I need to thrive and feel strong in my daily life, especially during my pregnancies. The way yoga has supported me on my journey through motherhood has encouraged me to share what I have learned ( particularly in pregnancy and postpartum). It has become my vocation. " Her classes can be found on IG and YouTube.

Hannah Barrett


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More than an exercise account to imitate, it is a true inspiration. Robert is a yogi and professional photographer who captures people doing yoga anywhere in the world with his lens: from African tribes, prisoners of the US jails, the center of Manhattan ... He states that: "It is a story of human beings in search of being better at just being human. I realized that I could photograph the whole world using the language of yoga to tell our story. My work has given me the opportunity to make art with yogis in Kenya, Mexico, Italy, Thailand , Palestine, Israel or Cuba, to name just a few. Yoga crosses cultural borders and continental divisions. "




It shows that age is not an excuse. Robin started practicing yoga at the age of 30 and is a great example of what the mind and body are capable of doing with discipline. Practice yoga, acro yoga and SUP yoga. She always points out that this practice is a process, never an end, and that one must progress slowly and with great patience, appreciating the small advances.



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