Eternal Capri! A New Book to Dream of the Italian Paradise

With a preface written by Brigitte Bardot, the new work by Jean-Pascal Hesse brings images of Umberto D'Aniello.
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A real oasis for creatives and history lovers, the most iconic of the Italian islands is celebrated in a new book by Jean-Pascal Hesse. Eternal Capri has a preface by Brigitte Bardot and photos by Umberto D'Aniello.


Discovered by the ancient Greeks, Capri still maintains the architectural ruins from the Roman Empire and has a rich flora. Today, at just ten square kilometers, the small island offers a charming combination of cliffs and natural caves - a stunning setting for seaside towns and restaurants.

1592503036881581 capri livro
(Photo: Umberto D'Aniello)

Immortalised in cinema, novels and works of art, Capri was the destination for names like Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, Oscar Wilde, and Jackie Kennedy. Taking us through the terraces of the houses hidden in the rocks of the island, or on board of a boat along the private beaches of its coast, the author reveals the best kept secrets and legends of artists, poets, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and fashion designers who have always attended the place.


A fascinating escape in times of uncertainty!

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(Photo: Umberto D'Aniello)
1592503037309042 capri2
(Photo: Umberto D'Aniello)
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(Photo: Umberto D'Aniello)
1592503037950389 capri4
(Photo: Umberto D'Aniello)

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