Hotel hotspot: stay overnight with friends in Rotterdam

How luxury would it be if you had a friend in every city or country? One where the door is always open, whose interior taste is hard on point and where the guest room is equipped with all conveniences ...
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Reality check : the above is often not the case.

But because we all know that staying with a good friend in a strange city is so cozy and nice, the Spanish hotel chain Room Mate is doing everything to imitate that atmosphere. Currently they do this at 22 locations worldwide (previously we wrote about Room Mate Gerard Barcelona ) and next month they will open their second office in the Netherlands. That is how  Room Mate Aitana Amsterdam will be , soon accompanied by  Room Mate Bruno Rotterdam .

The affordable luxury is evident in the pleasant use of design & innovation (every hotel is a picture), the central location and extremely friendly service . All for a fair price.

Room Mate Bruno is located on the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam and besides the above, it will also have the convenience of The Foodhallen , which is just a stone's throw away.


The characteristic nineteenth-century building - one of the few buildings that remained intact during the Second World War - was taken care of by interior designer Teresa Sapey and the result may be there. 

So soon a night to Rotterdam? Book a room with your new bff Bruno!

Do you see that?

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