This vegetable is rich in vitamins, "lowers bad" cholesterol and helps

Celery is rich in useful nutrients, and this vegetable perfectly complements the taste of various dishes, so its popularity has long since.
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As food expert Aida Matulevičiūtė tells us, celery really has to be proud of: "This vegetable is distinguished by its unique aroma and taste - its brittleness is replaced by the light bitterness that perfectly blends with each other. The leafy celery is oblong, has a firm stem and is juicy. In the dishes, celery can spice up, especially salt. So if you use celery in cooking, avoid salt - it will be enough of this unique vegetable. "

For several years, A. Matulevičiūtė, who works in a restaurant chef and promotes a healthy lifestyle, adds that saleri has a whole range of useful materials. "This vegetable is a real asset. It is rich in fiber and minerals, vitamins C and A. It has been noticed that celery reduces "bad" cholesterol, stimulates blood circulation.

In addition, celery is a great choice for both healthy and balanced eating. "Celery has a lot of water and low calories. For those who are accustomed to eating only fresh celery, I suggest trying out more varied uses. Put the celery in soups, stews or just bake in the barbecue - in all cases their taste will not disappoint, "advises A. Matulevičiūtė.

The popularity of celery does not disappear

In order to choose the most suitable celery in the shop, A. Matulevičiūtė advises to pay attention to several properties: “First, evaluate the visual side of the celery: it must be stiff, not dry, and the leaves are greenish, in no way increased. Such celery will be viable and perfect for preparing a variety of dishes. "

Berta Čaikauskaitė, communication manager at Iki, says that the popularity of celery has not been prolonged for a long time, and this vegetable is very popular among Lithuanians. These vegetables have been carefully cultivated and maintained by local farmers, their taste great. This is also appreciated by buyers - celery sales have grown by as much as 43 percent in the last four months. "

According to B. Čaikauskaitė, celery is loved all year round, but when the weather gets warmer, a lot of people are throwing in search of a wide variety of fresh vegetables to diversify the menu of salads and other light dishes. “Short-lived celery grown in Lithuania will soon appear in trade. The output of local growers is always very welcome and appreciated by buyers, "the spokesman added.

The favorite choice is a green cocktail

Although celery is often used to treat a variety of salads, the start of healthy cocktail booms, experts advise to try celery in this role. Here are some lightly made homemade cocktails with celery.

Celery and fruit cocktail

You will need:

  • 2 pcs. bananas;

  • 3 light. spoon. blueberry;

  • 2–3 celery stems;

  • half a lemon;

  • 1 glass of water.


Grind the celery stalks, blueberries and bananas with a grater, pour a glass of water and squeeze the lemon juice. Mix everything well.

Green polyvitamin cocktail

You will need:

  • 2–3 celery stems;

  • handful of spinach;

  • 1 pc. banana;

  • lime fruit;

  • 1 glass of water.


Wash spinach. Brush them with an electric grinder, pasting bananas and celery stalks. Press the lime fruit juice into the resulting cocktail and stir well.



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