Netflix: films and TV series to see in April

#STAYHOME, or why not spend the time of quarantine to enjoy some new tv series and Netflix movies? Here's a list of movies to be released in March and April.
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You can alsways watch the classics: Friends, Gossip Girl, Sex & the City or Bodyguard. Among the most viewed at the moment for sure are Call me Anna, the story of Anna with red hair, the timeless Call me by your name by Luca Guadagnino and The assassination of Gianni Versace. New films, TV series and documentaries appear every month. From the fourth season of the Paper House in Riverdale, here's the list of movies to watch in April.


The episodes of the new fourth season of Riverdale are twenty-two available on Netflix Italia from 11 March. Riverdale's new season has to deal with the death of Luke Perry, interpreter of Archie's dad, Fred Andrews, who is remembered in a special episode dedicated to him. "In memoriam" is the title of the 4x01 episode, a tribute to Fred Andrewse's character and the great actor who played him (the actor passed away on March 4, 2019 at the age of 52). Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa creator of the series said that Riverdale 4 will deal with Luke Perry's death and Fred's consequent exit from the scene: "We know that we have to deal with it in some way, but we are giving ourselves some time and space before to find the best way to honor him.” Together with Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart, we also see Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott and Charles Melton joining the cast.


The new TV series dedicated to the genius who discovered psychoanalysis is released on Netflix on March 23. The first season of Freud is directed by Marvin Kren and traces the story of Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, in a romantic way, grappling with a serial killer. Set in Vienna in 1886, Freud played by Robert Finster is accompanied in the investigation by a police investigator Alfred Kiss (Georg Friedrich), and a psychic Fleur Salomé ( Ella Rumpf).


The third season of Ozark is also coming. Now Marty and Wendy face off to control the fate of the family: Marty would like to keep the situation as it is, while Wendy prepares an expansion, helped by Helen and the narcoboss Omar Navarro. The arrival of Wendy's brother in the city throws everyone into chaos. The new season of the crime-drama series will be available starting March 27, 2020.

Paper House

The new season of the House of Card will also be released. “In this fourth season, what we plan to do is stop for a while. Reduce your speed so you can savor the vicissitudes of some characters in a dramatic way and then hit again mid-season. It's a very special season with very powerful bombs" - said Álex Pina, producer and showrunner of the Paper House. It would seem that Netflix is interested in a double renewal that would lead us to stretch until the sixth season. For now the official date has been confirmed, the fourth season will be available from the 3rd April.


In March the third season of Elite on Netflix releases teen drama mystery, consisting of 8 new episodes. "A lot of crazy things happen in this series but our goal is to always be realistic, in a way. For us Elite is a drama with a bit of thriller, not the other way around. So know that we kill the least number of indispensable characters to keep the story going, and the best that a school like Las Encinas can endure, without having to close its doors!" Has explained Darío Madrona one of the creators of Elite. Las Encinas students will return to school and it will be a season full of parties, youthful reflections and twists.

The story of Diana

To learn more about Lady D's story, we recommend The story of Diana series in which you can deepen the extraordinary life and private difficulties of Princess Diana. Full of interviews with her brother and other people who knew her well.

Toy Boy

A pinch of eroticism you can expect from a TV series called Toy Boy. A new season has come out on Netflix that tells the spicy world of strippers. 

The Sinner

Among the new arrivals is the second season of The Sinner on Netflix. A psychological thriller that also stages the painful experience of a woman who has been oppressed by her mother's excessive religiosity and her sister's wickedness. Cora is in fact a deeply troubled woman who has failed to have a free life. During her years she has always been the tool in someone's hands and sometimes even of herself, and her mental cages that have deeply worn her to the point of making her unable to control her actions, letting herself be carried away only by impulses and making her a ferocious killer.

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