Fashion Week

Chloé's free girls

Natacha Ramsay-Levy chooses a 70s story for the brand's collection and chooses three artists, Marianne Faithfull, Marion Verboom and Jackson, to stage the next autumn-winter show.
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A 70's perfume in the air. Free women who live in a common hippie way, global travelers who borrow à la française codes. Nomade girls with a modern rock spirit. Welcome to the universe of Chloé that Natacha Ramsay-Levy recreated in the galleries of the Grand Palais. Gathering three other creative spirits to turn up the volume. Indeed, a story of women marks the coordinates of the fall-winter 2020/21. Like the artist Marion Verboom who curated the large totem poles positioned in the center of the room and called to act as a backdrop to the show. Like the iconic Marinanne Faithfull who recited and read poems while the models walked. Or like Jackson who edited the music for the show. Cool girls could live between Ibiza and the Nevada desert, ready to celebrate the Burning men festival. They wear a mix with a vintage flavor and a bit of romantic retro. Vaguely grunge but in version 4.0. Little dresses with Laura Ashley flowers. Loose trousers and rebel bourgeois shirts. Leather and amphibian jackets. Small sweaters and light silks with artsy patterns. Coats, saharines and some boy scout shorts. But also aerial robes and suspended tunics. All punctuated by cult accessories, such as geometric bags with carved scallops, mini bags with large front straps. Or the postmen with a seventies soul and a decorated shoulder strap.


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