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What to remember Chanel Cruise parade in Paris?

It is on a station platform, where many stories are made, that Virginie Viard expressed this morning her vision of a globe-trotting and evocative Chanel.
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The context

Almost three months after the death of Karl Lagerfeld, and the tribute parade that followed at the Grand Palais, Virginie Viard unveiled her very first collection Cruise for the Chanel house. An exercise that allows the artistic director to reconnect the Cruise genre, very popular today, to the legacy of 31 Cambon: a hundred years ago, already Gabrielle Chanel cultivated from Deauville to Biarritz the idea of a cloakroom holiday resort.

The place

Launching base become port transatlantic, the Grand Palais Chanel version is similar to a kind of platform 9 3/4 where one would embark for Venice, Byzantium ... or Edinburgh. Virginie Viard precedes the experience of a breakfast or lunch at the "Le Riviera" restaurant wagon, a nod to Gabrielle Chanel's attachment to the South of France ... and at his property in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, La Pausa .

The collection

Faithful to the letter of the word cruise , Virginie Viard offers the Chanel woman enough to travel the world: long oiled cotton coats and loose pants, which go with it; aerial dresses with Art Nouveau prints; chic knitwear good kind to marry a culottes ... Sometimes tailor, sometimes sport, cyclists, bermudas and leggings are changing in the sun of the house tweed jacket. A cloakroom "of pace and movement", in the words of the artistic director.

The Cruise 2019/20 Show - CHANEL

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