Fashion Week

LFW: Richard Quinn's Grandeur

The Spring / Summer 2020 collection.
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Hosting his show in York Hall, London, Richard Quinn turned the old hall of the sports complex into a ballroom with large crystal chandeliers, pink carpets and rows of flowers, and even invited the London Philharmonic Orchestra, creating a magical atmosphere. Richard Quinn's intention for this event was direct: put on a real show and encourage his guests to dream in these difficult times, especially with the Brexit disaster at the door. There was no specific muse or philosophical thought process, only fashion for the sake of fashion in its purest and most artistic form. For the summer season, garments were made even more voluminous, with floral-printed socks and stockings and bodices in a light, glossy latex material. There was lots of mini dress with puff sleeves, layers of tulle, and leopard prints for an additional dose of drama. A mix of flowers, feathers, and crystals was seen on little lampshade-shaped dresses, worn with semi-transparent tights. The clothes were reminiscent of couture gowns, and the enthusiastic Billie Porter from Pose even shouted "Epico!" from the audience. The show was divided into sections - starting with retro polka dot prints and flowers, moving to more nineteenth-century pieces with reinforcements and petticoats, followed by a darker section - with moments of silence in between, creating a more intimate atmosphere. The final look, a bridal capsule entirely made of crystals, feathers, and jewel jerseys, was revealed on the stage in front of the orchestra. Although there was no muse for this collection, there were many beauties in the audience, including Jacquetta Wheeler, Erin O 'ConnorJade ParfittCecilia Chancellor, and Jean de Villeneuve.


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