Fashion Week

Natālija Jansone SS2020

Riga Fashion Week

Natalija Jansone (Latvia)

The new collection by Natalija Jansone, “Dolce Vita”, is about beautiful life and beautiful dresses. The main constituents that characterize the collection are the mixing of a clean silhouette and natural fabrics - cotton, linen, silk. Outfits by Natalija Jansone are like a Haiku in the language of fashion – elegant, reserved and as precisely cut as precious stones. All of them are hand sewn from natural materials. NJ company has designed costumes for the Latvian National opera, the Latvian National Orchestra, the Latvian Olympic team and for stage shows and performances such as the Eurovision Song contest, Miss Universe, the uniforms for AirBaltic airline and so on.


Photos by Mark Litvyakov

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