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Simone Rocha Goes Back to Her Roots

The designer was inspired by the 20h century.
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Inside a Victorian theater, built in 1875 and recently restored, Simone Rocha took us back to her origins with a collection inspired by the traditional Wren Day. The occasion was invented at the beginning of the twentieth century and is celebrated on St. Stephen's Day. Groups of boys went from house to house, knocking on doors and asking for money while singing and dancing just like wrens. The bird was believed to bring good luck. The collection seems to resemble the architecture of that time: silk taffeta dresses, blue porcelain-like adornments on ruffled tulle, organza dresses and skirts embroidered with flowers that remind of wallpapers of that time, and even macramé and raffia aprons on top of the clothes.

Irish actresses like Olwen Fouéré, Jessie Buckley, Simone Kirby were all seen on the runway impersonating the wren boys. Simone Rocha has taken us back in time and continues to look for cultural connections.


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