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Welcome to the Hotel Vivier

The designer Gherardo Felloni recreated a dreamlike and dreamy hotel for the Roger Vivier inspired by the five senses plus one. To reveal new accessories for fall-winter 2020/21.
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Welcome to the Hotel Vivier. When you cross that red carpet and go through that door where the large neon sign stands, you are taken into the dreamlike universe imagined by Gherardo Felloni for Roger Vivier. "This season I wanted to explore the five senses and play with the sixth sense," joked the stylist who on his birthday revealed a theatrical and entertaining mise en scene.

At the fuchsia-colored reception hotel keys are classic Belle-de-Jour substitutes with a geometric buckle. And the exploration of the senses is a crescendo of enveloping experiences distributed on the three floors of the Simone et Cino del Duca Foundation punctuated by surreal installations such as the giant legs that dominate the party room or the Rapunzel with hair wrapped in the railing that leads to the upper floors. The olfactory room is animated by madame nose who raises glass cloches under which fragrant décolleté are enclosed. A monumental cake dominates the taste room with an opera singer on top. The touch room is dressed in candy pink fur and is animated by two little kitty-girls. While the room of the sixth sense, that of mystery and esotericism, is populated by ghostly dancers with colored veils.

"Once again I had a lot of fun telling a story and giving Roger Vivier a bit of madness," said Felloni. Which has combined a series of ad box accessories to each room. From knee-high cuissardes embroidered with feathers and crystals to couture bags with geometrically retro shapes and handles embossed in silver, from the décolleté with iconic buckles to the bottle holder bags, from jewel sandals to circles dotted with rhinestones. Up to the small shoppers with talking handles: on one side a large R on the other a giant V. Because everything in the Vivier hotel is not what it seems.


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