10 unheard of facts about Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton

On January 9th Kate Middleton celebrated her 38th birthday. On this occasion we present 10 interesting facts about the Duchess of Cambridge.
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1. Kate Middleton is commonly known as the Duchess of Cambridge, but has two more title in addition. When Kate visits Scotland, the title of Countess Strathearn is added, while Lady Carrickfergus is in Northern Ireland.

2. Middleton's dad, Michael, is a pilot and mom, Carole, is a flight attendant.

3. When her dad worked as a pilot on British Airways (9th right), Kate lived in Amman, Jordan's capital, for several years.

4. Kate Middleton was a very athletic girl during her school years, she played great tennis, hockey, volleyball.

5. The Duchess has obtained a Master of Arts degree in 2005 .at the St. Andrew University (Scotland's oldest university).

6. Kate is nearly half a year older than her spouse, Prince William.

7. On her wedding day on April 29th, 2011 Kate was dressed in a Queen Elizabeth II tiara, created by Cartier, which was worn by her in 1936. This tiara was a gift from the Queen Mother of Great Britain on the occasion of Elizabeth II’s 18th birthday.

8. At the wedding, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave Kate and William a two-tandem bicycle.

9. Kate's passion is photography. Previously, she photographed portraits of members of the royal family, she became a patron of the Royal Society of Photographers. She is also an honorary member of the Royal Society of Photographers.

10. Kate is known to be one of the most stylish women in the world. The Duchess has inspired many brands with her images and elegance. In 2012 Kim Kardashian specifically designed Kate's limited edition footwear collection, to mark the Duchess's 30th birthday.


Take a look at Kate Middleton's most stylish images, captivated by both fashion critics and Duchess fans:

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