5 things you need to know about Paris Spring 2019 Couture Week

We dream in Couture and we want you to join us in the Spring 2019 fantasy.
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Haute Couture Week is one of the biggest fashion phenomenon that we await every year and Spring 2019 Couture Week is a spectacle to behold.

From Dior's breathtaking "Circus" to Valentino's boundary-breaking Couture garden and Iris Van Herpen's interstellar fantasy, Paris Spring 2019 Couture Week has many of those dream-come-true moments for fashion lovers.

And here we chronicle the magical moments at Spring 2019 Couture:

1550670153003006 dior
Photo courtesy: Dior

The Alchemists Behind Dior's Ethereal Pierrots 

British master milliner Stephen Jones and Christian Dior Makeup's image director Peter Philips bring Dior Couture Circus fantasy to life with a poetic finish. To portray the dreamlike idea of a circus, Stephen Jones crafted bonnets in glittering fabrics, and the veils are embedded with stones that serve sparkling tears realness.

Whilst Peter Philips goes pure and nature for the look, contours the eyes to emulate the Pierrot makeup, and the lips finished with a whisper of glow.

1550670153264543 va
Photo courtesy: Instagram @maisonvalentino

Valentino Reimagines Italian Couture For People of Colour

Pierpaolo Piccioli's Valentino Spring 2019 Couture show was an emotional and heavenly ode to black beauty. The designer transcends his idea of diversity into pieces of tour de force, of which the fabric and colours become part of the body, and the power of innate beauty blooms like flowers. 

Leaving questions about the definition of nude where the embroideries, lacing and sheer fabrics silhouetted against the different shades of skins, the collection was truly a fantasy for all including the walk of the legend Naomi Campbell.

1550670153538324 i
Photo courtesy: Instagram @irisvanherpen

Iris Van Herpen's interstellar make-believe

Inspired by Harmonia Macrocosmica, a star atlas published in 1660, Iris Van Herpen Spring 2019 Couture explores 'the evolution of the human shape, its idealisation through time and the hybridisation of the female forms within mythology'.

The Dutch designer teams up with artist Kim Keever who formerly worked as a NASA engineer and realised her mythology-sci fi aesthetic with a parade of nebula-esque silhouette and a warm, metallic palette.

The show also showcases pieces of otherworldly 3-D-printed face jewellery, which involved a series of face-scanning, mapping and more – truly embodying the house's signature hybrid of romanticism and innovation.

1550670153817716 chanel

The Chanel Bride in Bejewelled Swimsuit

Staying loyal to the house's Couture tradition, the Chanel Spring 2019 couture show is closed by the magnificent Chanel bride.

But this time, instead of a wedding gown, the house sent down their 2019 Couture bride in a one-piece swimsuit with slip-on mules and a celestial veil that comes with the swim cap –all sparkling in silver.

It was as if Karl knows that we still couldn't get over the house's Spring Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear beach dream.

1550670154131186 vr

Viktor & Rolf's Couture Camp

This season, the designer duo presents a meme-worthy 'Fashion Statements' presentation that highlights a Couture collection that speaks.

In what looks like a tongue-in-cheek approach, the quirky slogans and motifs on the magnified silhouettes are actually completely embroidered, crafted from laser-cut tulle – almost as if the duo wants to take a stab at our current social media and meme-obsessed generation.

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