A Chic & Stylish Outift For the Chilly Days

The latest trend is perfect for both daytime and night-time looks!
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Innovation here can be a real challenge - how to create a cohesive and aesthetic look when you also need to stay as warm as possible? Layering is the keyword for fashionistas when the weather gets chilly, and, besides, it brings a different touch to each outfit. This season, the combination of sleeveless dresses and knitted vests is gaining prominence for creating a relaxed look, even when it is not that cold.

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(Photo: Getty Images)

Easy to use and adaptable to any style, the trend brings many options of powerful looks, ranging from daytime and printed dresses to more refined versions that gain a fun and casual touch with the mesh. To harmonise, bring refinement to the look with elegant bags and shoes. Get inspired!







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