A Couture Film by Uljana Sergeenko

2020 could be described in many ways: intense, engaging (more or less), and digital. Since the fashion industry switched from offline to online, we have been able to observe and criticise the latest trends while staying in our pajamas.
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Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Watching a runway show from the bed, for example, made it possible for us not to rush from one event to the next, saved us from stress and dark black circles, and, thanks to the digital lens, also presented a completely new aesthetic of our favourite brands.


To show the new collection, which was presented online during the Haute Couture week in Paris on July 6, 2020, Ulyana Sergeenko had prepared a short film. A tape that tells the story of the creation of the portable work of art and lets us immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the process, the film is also the story of the production of unique and time-consuming couture gowns, as well as the tailors, artists - all those people who are behind every part.


The video consists of three chapters: filming in the factory of the traditional embroidery craft, process of working on the collection in the studio of the fashion house in Moscow, and the show.


A real Russian spirit, together with feminine grace and modern shapes, was represented in the latest designs by Ulyana Sergeenko. Emphasising and connecting the grace of nature and women, Ulyana creates silhouettes that let us feel the original glow of a simple but enchanting beauty.

Ulyana Sergeenko Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Video & Photo: PR

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