A Haven of Peace in the Heart of Ibiza

A few steps from the white sandy coves, the Casa Cook hotel is the ideal haven for a relaxed holiday.
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A hotel paradise located on the western shores of San Antonio, also known as the cradle of the Café del Mar, the Casa Cook consists of 80 rooms and suites with a terrace, some of which have a transparent swimming pool. Made with natural materials such as rattan, oak, and concrete, the design creates contrasts between light and shade, creating a perfect space for relaxation and well-being.


Behind the design hides an ingenious duo: Spanish architects Miguel Garcia Quetglas and Andrés García Castiella, both driven by the desire to create a place of life, while respecting its environment. The two architects had the help of Remo Masala, creative director of Thomas Cook's group, and Tobias Gaertner, developer of the Casa Cook brand. Simple yet elegant, warm and modern, the sleek hotel has been built considering the island. From local cuisine to local crafts, everything has been designed to fit perfectly into the decor.

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Casa Cook Ibiza presents a selection of pieces handcrafted by a community in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Designed exclusively for Casa Cook Ibiza in collaboration with Considered by REAL, each piece takes you on a journey around the world, helping Papuan-new-Guinean artisans and developing a broader market for their products.

The craftsmanship of bespoke chairs and hand-woven traditional bags is rooted in centuries-old traditions. Made from locally sourced jungle bark, it takes about six weeks to craft each chair, timeless and unique.

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Offering a menu that favors fresh, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with a modern twist, the Kitchen Club showcases local ingredients without sacrificing flavor or delicacy.

It is evident that in the continuity of this eco-friendly approach, Casa Cook favors recyclable materials and does not use straws and plastic bottles in its establishment.

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With the healing power of nature in the expert hands of therapists, the Casa Cook spa invites you to escape into an oasis of restorative tranquility. Casa Cook has a peaceful, warm, and welcoming atmosphere: a safe space where the body, mind, and soul are calmed and heal.

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Beyond the island of San Antonio, bathed in sunshine, there are lots of experiences to live and memories to create. Between the winding roads and the rural villages are coves with crystal clear water, cala hidden in the corners of the coast, sandy beaches, and breathtaking landscapes, far from the festive cliches of Ibiza.

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