A Stranger Calls: the new #PradaHoliday20 campaign

It begins with intrigue. The newest #PradaHoliday20 campaign is photographed by Steven Meisel and based on an original short story conceived and written for Prada by the best-selling author and Guardian Review columnist, Candice E Fox Carty-Williams.

The movie, called A Stranger Calls, was shot by Steven Meisel and was based on an original short story written by Candice E Fox Carty-Williams. Prada's accessories, jewelery and leather pieces emerge in the film, where each image creates a panorama effect. The five characters of the Prada universe - Freja Beha, Maty Fall, Mao Xiaoxing, Rudolfs Valbergs and Merlijne Schorren - find themselves in a deserted villa in Italy. This game among our heroes brings us ways to discover emotions and desires. Images depicted in black and white reveal the cinematic aesthetics, while Prada accessories manage to become the focus. The images overflowing from Meisel's lenses draw attention in the form of unsolvable mysteries and striking clues.



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