A Trend That Not Everyone Will Be Able to Control

One of the most popular details of this season - handbags and various interesting accessories!
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This is definitely not going to be an easy trend for everyone. Remember how hard it is sometimes to find a place in an outift for an impressive pendant or an exclusive handbag? Now these details come together in a linguistic trend.


You may like it or hate it - that's what you can tell about the trend of small handbags around your neck. A small accessory may not find a place in everyone's closet, but learning to combine it is really easy. Just imagine you are integrating a long chain!


When choosing a handbag on the neck, you should first pay attention to its colour and chain metal. Light neutral shades (creamy, body, pink) are perfect for summer. You can easily match them to light or bright clothes. Also, a light handbag can become a great highlight in a combination of dark colours. Try a combination with red, classic blue, this year's colour, or green that will look delicious. And for neat and exemplary stylish clothes, combine a handbag and clothes of the same color (shades may vary).

The dark handbag is an absolute classic, so it can be worn in more business combinations. Forever stylish black will match any colour, so the main game will be played by clothing details. So if you are a fan of classic, safer or more restrained style, choose a black handbag!


If you want a versatile handbag, you should choose a one-colour, non-patterned one - so you can easily combine it for different occasions and with different clothes.

When choosing an outfit with a handbag on your neck that will look good, pay attention to the shape of the neck of the garment. Such a handbag will look best at round, close-necked or deep V-necklines. The best example is a simple cotton shirt or jacket.

The trend of small handbags around the neck is still very new. The popularity of the small or micro-handbags began to catch on in the spring and summer collections of 2019. These accessories were so impractical and little that the fashion world liked them instantly and decided to extend this trend.

As far as can be traced, Jacquemus was the first to spread this trend. In last year’s collections, designer Simon Porte Jacquemus enslaved his fans with tiny handbags for little-used items or just for nothing. They were suggested by the designer to be worn around the arm and leg, simply strapped around the waist or hung around the neck. And, this year, the fashion house Fendi has also joined this trend. This has become proof that the handbags on the neck continue to gain momentum!

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FENDI handbags, Fendi.com

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