Action: Sustainable Fashion by Ukrainian Fashion Week

With the support from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Ukrainian Fashion Week (UFW) launched the social project “Action: Sustainable Fashion”.
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With a great ability to communicate, advocate and spread the word on the modern values, the fashion industry has an opportunity to reunite in order to achieve a common goal. As the main fashion institution of Ukraine, Ukrainian Fashion Week finds it important to supervise such initiatives and to positively influence the transformation of the industry. Therefore, “Action: Sustainable Fashion” project was created. The main aim of the project is to reveal the aspects of sustainable fashion in the work of Ukrainian designers, share their vision and the worlds they create where clothes and accessories are tools for change for the better. “Action: Sustainable Fashion” project collaborates with established designers, guides young talents and educates customers to spread the word about the constant change the industry faces nowadays. 

Each of the participating brands tells their own story about how they implement a sustainable approach in their lives and brands. The participants of the project are: upcycling brand Ksenia Schnaider; womenswear brands Litkovskaya, The Coat by Katya Silchenko and Bevza; demi-couture fashion brands ARTEMKLIMCHUK and Frolov; clothes from natural hemp textiles DevoHome; transformer clothing brand DZHUS; Ukrainian ethnic inspired brand Gunia Project and the brand of glasses made of natural coffee – Ochis.

UFW positions itself not only as the fashion week, but also as the platform for the development of the fashion environment in Ukraine. Social initiatives are an important mission of the organization, and the development of sustainable fashion is one of the areas in which UFW has been engaged for several seasons. Sustainable fashion development includes numerous aspects – it is an endless story that encompasses the economic, social, environmental, ethical and cultural foundations of our present.

Action: Sustainable Fashion by Ukrainian Fashion Week

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