Are Fanny Packs Still Trendy?

After the trend exploded a few seasons ago, is it still worth investing in this piece?
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A sensation in the '80s and '90s, fanny packs have made a triumphant return to fashion in recent seasons. Whether you were going to the club, stepping on the catwalk, going to a bar, or simply meetings friends for a dinner, the bag was everywhere! But, after a powerful wave of the trend, is it still trendy?

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After having spent so much time considering it a strange or meaningless piece, imagining that the fanny pack would become a timeless element may be strange, but, apparently, it happened.


Even though the big first wave seems to have been diluted, they are still part of the fashionista radar and are gaining more and more interpretations, showing the versatility of the accessory. Of course, the classic version continues to be a great ally, but designers have already shown that it can be bold and always remain stylish.

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Among them is designer Simon Porte Jacquemus who included in the Autumn 2020 collection of his brand, Jacquemus, a model that had double belts and many other creative versions of the bag.


Several other brands, such as Gucci and Fendi, have also presented incredible models of the bag, showing the versatility of the piece that harmonises with bold looks, but always ensures a modern touch.

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