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Beauty is timeless, says one. Beauty is relative, suggests another. Is beauty an illusion? NADYA DZYAK PRE-FALL 2019
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Each work of art deserves a closer look. Fall 2019 Nadya Dzyak has taken inspiration from double exposure photography, illusions and movement in art. Starting points for the designer were incredible pictures of world-famous Albanian-American photographer Gjon Mile. He was one of the first artists to practice stroboscopic photography – the use of a specially timed external light source to capture a sequence of motion. The collection paid tribute to Étienne-Jules Marey's genius. Legendary French scientist and chronophotographer found a way to record several phases of movements in one photo. Flying pelican captured by Marey around 1882 is widely considered as a masterpiece.

As well as double exposure pictures, Nadya Dzyak statement looks are literally coming out of the frame of the pieces. The designer shows optical three-dimensional illusions in her transparent geometric flounces and patterns. The collection is full of mystical romanticism. There are many black and gray shades, and occasionally flashes of emerald and purple colors. The styles remind of the late 80s decade with its sharp shoulder lines, high waists, bold minis with a new modern twist.

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