Aviator Sunglasses Have Been Upgraded to This Trendy Model

The hexagonal frame has already been sported by celebs like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but now we see more and more brands redesigning the aviator sunglasses.
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First, let's go back to where it started: Bausch & Lomb made the sunglasses for the United States Air Force in 1936, general Douglas MacArthur giving them their deserved popularity. A few decades later, celebrities like Paul McCartney and Freddie Mercury started wearing the sunglasses, and they instantly became a must-have accessory for both men and women. A few years later, it was Tom Cruise who brought the look back to style. Aviator glasses are an accessory that has been popping up every now and then for almost a century.

Any Face Shape

Despite the iconic status of the classic aviator glasses, the frame is not suited for everyone. The round curve and the pointy bottom can make the face appear somewhat sad for some face shapes. In that case, people with a round face shape usually go for a more squared frame.

Brands like Bottega Venata and Ray Ban must have heard the silent plea of round-faced people, since there you have it - the upgraded version of the aviator glasses. Round, but not really!

The hexagonal frame tells: I'm a tough pilot, but Rosie's outfit whispers: I'm wearing the ideal combination for a chic yet cool fashion moment.

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