Behind The Scenes: Marc Jacobs #ReduxGrunge in New York

Let us take behind the scenes to our New York shoot with Marc Jacobs #ReduxGrunge in this exclusive fashion film.
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For our last issue of the year, we shot the stunning duo Ange-Marie and Najiyah Imani on the streets of New York, showcasing the Marc Jacobs #ReduxGrunge collection.

Reviving the grunge moment through the hands of Marc Jacobs, we now bring you behind-the-scenes with an exclusive fashion film.

Directed by our photographer Hao Zeng and styled by our Fashion Director Jeffrey Yan, the film takes out to explore the wonders of New York with our two models.

Watch the full fashion film below:

Behind The Scenes with Marc Jacobs #ReduxGrunge in New York

Director: Hao Zeng
Styling: Jeffrey Yan
Director of Photography: Pablo Calderon-Santiago
Assistant Director: Courtney Afriyie
Lighting Director: Ashley Cox
Production: Yael Saint Louis
Editor: Athena Maroulis
Makeup: Deanna Melluso
Hair: David Warren
Set Designer: Jared Lawton Set Design
Music: "Here I Am" The Sweet Inspirations
Assistants: James Brown (Hair); Matthew Solis (Set)

Discover more about Marc Jacobs now on www.marcjacobs.com.

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