Belgian jewelery with a twist: Wolfer's jewelery with striking colors

Timeless, stylish and wearable pieces: Wolfers stands for precious without pretension. Contemporary designs that you can wear every day, for the pleasure of seduction.
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Wolfers has been selling antique jewelery for many years, and now the brand also creates jewelery. Originally a family business, the company has now existed for more than 200 years, but continues to innovate.

Gemmologist and commercial manager Cindy Lecomte receives us on the first floor of the Brussels boutique, a stone's throw from the Porte de Namur. Together with her team, she organizes workshops to get to know the ancient art of gemstones better. Jewelry that is passed on from generation to generation is one of the pillars of the house. Wolfers invents and creates unique pieces on site under the watchful eye of Bruno Lamon. Each season, the master jeweler is also responsible for the design of the permanent collections, which bear the poetic names "Caviar" and "Libelle". Caviar appeals to the precious Galuchat leather, in yellow, white or red gold and diamonds. The Libelle collection, characterized by a naturalistic design, starts with models from 500 euros. The unique pieces are for sale from 7,000 euros, custom orders from 15,000 euros. All handmade jewelery is realized in the studio next to the shop in accordance with the traditional rules of art, from the beautiful design to the choice of finest and most precious gemstones. Here you will be introduced to a mix of opaque stones (emeralds or peau d'ange coral) and bright sapphires and tourmalines.

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In its quest for a modern style, the brand has undergone a makeover. The collections, designed with active women in mind, now also target a younger audience. The pieces have a timeless design without falling into an overly classical look. The stones are precious and are mounted in a contemporary way. Each piece of jewelry is adorned with durable, fine and original gemstones that avoid the usual clichés. Anyone who explores this imaginative but little-known universe will also get to know a young and hospitable team in a renewed, intimate and bright interior.

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The production follows the rules of traditional jewelery art, with pieces designed in line with today's tastes. They are given even more shine by rare stones that have been selected for their striking and fresh colors. Restrained luxury runs like a thread through the collections, each time with a playful touch. Worth a special mention: the earrings that come in two different shades. The pearls and gemstones of the gems mix in a pure and poetic way with floral motifs.

True luxury lies in the quality of the service, the durability of the pieces, the preciousness of the processed materials. In the heart of Brussels, a cosmopolitan city that is constantly reinventing itself, Wolfers cultivates being different with style.

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