Burberry's new logo and monogram

Both the logo and the monogram of the Burberry under the direction of Riccardo Tisci have been renewed.
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Riccardo Tisci's Burberry Creative Director has been sitting on his chair for about five months and will give the first test on the brand with a fashion show at London Fashion Week, which will take place in September.

The fashion veterans curiously anticipated this defile. Riccardo Tisci and Burberry gave the first signal that they had renewed the brand with the sharing they had made through Instagram. You have the iconic logo of the brand. A simpler and cleaner logo ... The new monogram pattern of the brand dedicated to Thomas Burberry, which we saw in another sharing, is also quite energetic and colorful.

Peter Saville is the person who has had the best of both graphic design. Peter Saville, considered one of the most important graphic designers in the world, designed the current logos of Calvin Klein, who was under the management of Raf Simons. He also worked with names like Jil Sanders and Yohji Yamamato.

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