Carolina Herrera and Paperless Post are keeping connections alive

Digital cards re-signify communication in a simple way.
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The exchange of messages, affection at a distance and correspondence are the best way to bring us comfort and joy in the period in which we live. So, thinking of helping people to stay connected in the most delicate and beautiful way, Carolina Herrera and Paperless Post came together to create a collection of digital cards that exude elegance and sensitivity.

1588930449110959 abstractedbloom blue envelope1588930449376496 abstractedbloom yellow 5x7 greeting 01front
1588930449659318 abstractedbloom yellow 5x7 greeting 02back1588930449979230 abstractedbloom yellow 5x7 invitation

The cards have delicate designs that perfectly bring the fine aesthetics of the brand. Among the prints, they carry messages of affection, invitations to virtual meetings and congratulations.

1588930450288780 abstractedbloom pink 5x7 greeting 01front1588930450584050 abstractedbloom pink 5x7 greeting 02back
1588930450849197 abstractedbloom pink 5x7 invitation1588930451171311 abstractedbloom pink envelope

Exalting the pleasure of personal correspondence with colleagues, friends, loved ones, as well as the founder of the Maison of the same name Carolina Herrera and creative director Wes Gordon have always liked - especially during these periods when physical contact and mail are limited - the collaboration of marks is perfect for keeping connections alive.

1588930451456603 dotsvergafloral 5x7 greeting portueguese1588930451795849 dotsvergafloral 5x7 greeting spanish
1588930452136434 floraldots 5x7 greeting 01front1588930452450078 floraldots 5x7 greeting 02back
1588930452768411 floraldots 5x7 invitation1588930453102515 floraldots envelope

“Love and togetherness are incredibly powerful and any gesture, big or small, makes a difference. I love Mother's Day cards and the invitation to virtual parties is a fun idea, but it is the notes to check in that are so touching at the moment. Send it to your family. Send to a friend. Send it to a stranger. Send it to a doctor. Let people know that you love them and are thinking about them.” Says Wes Gordon.

1588930453436320 gardenlilies blue 5x7 greeting 01front1588930453723263 gardenlilies blue 5x7 greeting 02back
1588930454019705 gardenlilies blue 5x7 invitation1588930454308989 gardenlillies blue envelope

Paperless Post CEO James Hirschfeld believes his mission is more important now than ever. "In this difficult and isolated time, communication and dissemination have taken on a new meaning," says Hirschfeld. "We are excited to bring Carolina Herrera's creativity, exuberance and elegance to our platform and to offer people new ways to connect digitally."

1588930454680939 gardenlilies pink 5x7 greeting 01front1588930454993426 gardenlilies pink 5x7 greeting back 02back
1588930455257099 gardenlilies pink 5x7 invitation1588930455604584 gardenlilies pink envelope

In times of tension and pandemic, the main priority of the elegant partnership is to add a little joy to the communication with those we like. Thus, all collab cards between Carolina Herrera and Paperless Post will be accessible and free for all users and anywhere in the world.

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