Cartier Unveils A Completely New Watch

The famous French house is reinventing the gourmet chain with its latest creation: the Maillon watch. Its radical, off-center and graphic lines, give it a singular allure, resolutely modern and ultra-feminine.
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Over the past four years, Cartier has been reinterpreting its most famous watches, but, this time, the French watchmaker introduces a completely new creation - Maillon, a jewel watch which was inspired by a classic of jewellery, the famous curb chain.


Imagined by Marie-Laure Cérède, director of watchmaking at Cartier, the Maillon watch is reminiscent of the lines of the Clash watch with its hexagonal case. At first glance, the design of the Maillon watch is radical: graphic rigor, geometric lines, architectural links, offset by thirty-two degrees. However, the Maillon watch ensures both flexibility of the bracelet and comfort when worn.

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A real creative challenge, the bracelet was the first step in the design, inspired by the curb chain, and the real challenge was to integrate a watch case without compromising this design.


The creative choice required merging the box into the bracelet, ensuring the best continuity. The result is a completely new box shape - hexagonal, because directly induced by the shape of the bracelet links. This is a jewel bracelet whose simplicity has been preserved: no visible screws and a hidden clasp to not break the continuity of the links.

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The creation of the watch took a year of research, as thirty-five versions of prototypes were required in order to define the overlapping, finding the right play allowing the articulation of the links, without compromising the density of the bracelet.

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