Coco Chanel: facts from her secret life

On the day she would turn 138, we relive part of the secret story of the loves and references of iconic stylist Coco Chanel
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Much is known about Coco Chanel's life and history, which transformed women's fashion and showed a trajectory of overcoming difficulties. A French woman born in 1883, abandoned by her father in an orphanage after the loss of her mother, became a great reference, creator of one of the most traditional and respected fashion houses in the world. A perfect life turnaround, and a real inspiration! However, Gabrielle's secret life takes us into the field of the unknown.

Coco never married, which for a woman at the time was already a focus of curiosity, but that does not mean that her life was deprived of great passions that transformed her. Each new relationship is a new learning experience, and throughout her life Chanel has found partners who have helped her gain even more strength to become such an iconic name in world fashion.

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Coco Chanel in 1926 (Photo: Getty Images)

While Gabrielle was still working as a seamstress and singer in a cabaret, she met one of the men who would change her life, Etienne Balsan. Horse owner from a very wealthy family who helped Chanel change her way of dressing. Already living with him, she learned to ride horses and had already given up her career as a singer – and her contact with sports made her see elegance in a new way, more focused on comfort.

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Chanel and Arthur "Boy" Capel in 1917 (Photo: Getty Images)

Etienne, however, was not the only passion that transformed Chanel's life. Another great love that passed through her history was Arthur Capel, with whom she lived in Paris. He, in turn, helped her open her first store! Also known as “Boy Capel”, he was considered the great love of Coco's life, unfortunately he died in 1919 in an accident.


Chanel's career, however, did not stop there and, with her talent and willpower, new stores were opened, new branches conquered and, from hats to clothes, Gabrielle also conquered other branches such as perfumes and jewelry. Today, his legacy remains alive, strong and inspiring.

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(Photo: Getty Images)

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