Coronavirus in fashion: how the pandemic affects brands worldwide

Due to the advance of the outbreak, several designers decided to stop the sale and also the events.
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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemia, it has spread to more than 150 countries, causing tru=oubles to not only health of people, but the economy of countries all over the world. We see mandatory isolation and companies encouraging people to remote work as much as possible. In social networks, there is even a slogan #STAYATHOME spreading widely. And fashion follows those same steps. Some labels have already suspended sales and postponed events due to the outbreak.


Reebok and adidas announced that they will not be working in Europe or North America until the end of the month. Nike made the same decision. Whoever needs to buy something from any of these brands can do it through the web. Chanel also suspended the opening of its boutiques, such as Gap, which has an option to buy online. The same goes for Ralph Lauren.

The entire H&M group closed its doors in Europe and the United States, although they hope to stay active through e-commerce. Levi's closed its stores in the United States and Canada. Saks Fifth Avenue is another company that will remain behind closed doors for at least two weeks. Like Sephora and Victoria's Secret, which is open only through its website.


The Armani Cruise collection that was scheduled for April in Dubai was moved to November. Dior, which was expected to occur in Italy, the most contagious country in Europe, was carried over to next year.

Ralph Lauren was going to present its Fall/Winter collection in New York, but canceled it. Hermès had planned to do the same in London and also suspended. Like Prada, Versace, Gucci, according to what was published by The Business of Fashion portal.

They also had to reschedule the Shanghai Fashion Week, the China Fashion Week, the Tokyo Fashion Week and at the same time those of Seoul and Moscow. Bride Week was going to take place in New York but it won't happen either.

The organizers of the Met Gala and the Coachella festival followed the same directives.

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