Denim Trends of 2020

We have listed the trendiest jeans you will want to wear this season!
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Present in the daily life of many women, jeans are essential in the wardrobe, as they can be easily adapted to various occasions - in addition to having a multitude of versions and models to choose from!


Whether you wear denim daily or leave them for more casual moments, discover the 4 denim trends that dominate 2020!


For a long time, we ignored the existence of denim dresses, but with the new elegant models on the market, they have become a darling for their practicality, their ease of adaptation and their style!

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It has become impossible to deny the return of the Bermuda shorts. Great allies for fresh and practical looks, their denim version is right on trend! The piece brings a casual look, perfect for a day event, such as a brunch with friends or a walk in a park, all with a comfortable and original aesthetic.



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Tie & Dye

Tie & Dye washes abandon classic T-shirts and are increasingly worn on various versions of jeans! If you want a bold and different look that can be adapted to all types of clothing, these jeans are for you!


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7/8 Jeans

The 7/8 jeans are the ideal option to maintain the comfort and refinement of any look. They adapt easily with a white t-shirt and a more elegant piece, like an overcoat.



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