Dita Von Teese Protests Against Strict Instagram Censorship

On her Instagram account, burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese asks for a review of censorship strategies and algorithms.
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Instagram has informed about supplementing their policy of harsh censorship, censoring anything that may be deemed inappropriate. Instagram's censorship includes sexually explicit content; however, the network has left plenty of room for interpretation of the bans.


Although social media is a parallel world, the changes taking place on the Internet also bring about changes in the real world. One of the issues highlighted by the latter's limitations on information is pages about sexual education. These types of channels are essential for teaching more inclusive, diverse sex education and covering topics that schools overlook.


The EveryBODYvisible initiative addresses the restriction of photos of naked bodies and their artistic expression on Instagram. It seeks clear guidelines that state what content is appropriate for Instagram and what it is not, and that rules should be designed around the importance and integration of different communities in the world.


Dita Von Teese, one of the most famous burlesque dancers in support of this initiative, announced on her account that it was time to listen to women, LGBTQ, different races, different styles, athletes, artists, photographers, and others seeking the chance to spread the idea body positivity. Because of the strict censorship, lots of content that is positive and artistic is being blocked without a clear basis.


In response to the crackdown on Instagram censorship, Dita Von Teese shared a photo of a fashion house's Ralph and Russo nude dress - a body-coloured evening dress embroidered with Swarowski crystals that mimic a naked woman's body. "This photo of @alimahdaviparis doesn't violate the set standards because it only shows the illusion of a naked body," Dita Von Teese captioned the post.

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