Emmanuelle Khanh presents Spring 21 Campaign

The Emmanuelle Khanh Spring 2021 collection was conceived by Creative Director, Eva Gaumé between the summer and autumn of 2020 – on the cusp of cautiously, albeit, enjoyed newfound freedom and a second period of mandatory confinement.
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The small pleasures of everyday life that had become so superficial seem more necessary now than ever. Never before has the need to exist in the eyes of others been as paramount, enhancing one’s appearance in the sacred presence of others, as well as oneself. Consequently, the Spring 21 collection had to be radical and definitively whimsical, catapulting the Emmanuelle Khanh accessory - be it a frame or chain - to the forefront of any ensemble. Curated in vibrant block colours that are almost chrome like in finish, with their silk sheen and lacquer that glitters in the sunlight.

The Emmanuelle Khanh collection dresses the eyes of the wearer and offers a joyful dressing experience, allowing one to assert their personality and enchant small, daily rituals with a sense of luxury and glamour transporting them to a haven outside of their reality.

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Photography: James Tenessee Briandt

Art Direction: Eva Gaumé

Styling: Mariaelena Morelli

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