Estonian Menswear Designer Hannes Rüütel Presents His Latest Collection

Summery collection, which was presented on the stage of Estonian Fashion Festival, is made of natural materials and suitable for both men and women.

Collection ‘’Towards the Sun’’ by Estonian menswear designer Hannes Rüütel tells a story about people - their thoughts, needs, all their aspirations and growing over time.


’’In life, there are times when instead of growing, we seem to be stuck in one place. And more often than we realize, all that it takes to escape from this situation, is to look inside of us and dig deep - layer after layer to reach the seeds of dreams once planted. And to make those seeds grow sprouts again, we need to take care of the soil of our future with all the love and patience we have. So that one day we could reach towards the sky and blossom.’’

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