Evolution by Burberry

The latest Burberry collection has been presented in London.
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Burberry's latest collection Evolution continues to embrace the new design codes of the house and highlights the connection with Queen Victoria's era when the brand was founded.


The collection featured a mix of innovative techniques and classic crafts with Victorian silhouettes emphasising the bodice and wide sleeves appearing in both men's and women's clothing. Lightweight fluttering fabrics were combined with hybrid details such as removable and extendable trims.


"My first year at Burberry was all about understanding the historical codes of the fashion house and refining and creating my own point of view. Once I had laid the foundations, I felt ready for experimentation - and a deeper look at what lies at the heart of this wonderful brand," said Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Burberry.


After examining the archives, Tisci decided to highlight the brand's history: "Thomas Burberry, the founder of the house, started the company which to this day represents a tremendous advance in British industry and cultural change. It has always been a source of inspiration for my creative work. I think Thomas was not only a brave innovator but also a dreamer with a romantic character. It is a collection inspired by our past and dedicated to the future. This is the evolution of the Burberry kingdom."



The collection consisted of reconstructed raincoats with silk elements, sculptured sleeves, pierced earring elements, classic jackets with refined details in the neckline and bodice, trimmings decorated with fringeschains, and laces, skirts with deep slitscorset imitations, dresses made of lace and decorated with ruffles as well as evening dresses with crystal mesh and ostrich feathers.



The collection included classic English suits, raincoats in different shades and textures with highlighted waistlines, streak patterns made using crystals, parkas, jumpers, rugby t-shirts, knits, poplin shirts, wide pants, and sneakers matched with shorts.



Accessories were inspired by horseback riding and embellished with the Thomas Burberry monogram. We also saw the unisex bags that customers love - the Lola(miniature and a larger version on the waist) and the Pocket Bag(enlarged version) - returned to the podium.


The models wore high-heeled shoes and sandals with ribbons. Men's shoes and sandals were made of leather, canvas, and rubber.



Gray, black, beige, white, pink, red, and blue.



Hand-painted and sketched animals, box pattern.


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