Fenty: 4 times Rihanna already wore her ready-to-wear collection

Since she unveiled the first models of her luxury clothing collection under her label Fenty, many have been fans of Rihanna to have had a feeling of déjà vu. The reason ? The singer wears her creations for several months, in all discretion.
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While Fenty, the very first collection of luxury ready-to-wear designed by Rihanna and integrated LVMH group, being unveiled an ephemeral boutique in Paris, the singer teasait already for several months the key pieces of the collection.

Remember. Last January, when she was out in the streets of New York, she was seen with XXL masks, which had instantly shaken the fashion sphere. The reason? The branches were scratched "FENTY". At the time, many fans were to assume that Rihanna was working on her luxury fashion house. And they were not wrong.

Now that the first teaser featuring the Fenty collection has been unveiled, we understand better than since last January, each piece difficult to identify that the singer was wearing was signed by her own label. Just like the dress-jean corset she wore in London at an event for her make-up brand last April.

As well as her total coral look, upgraded with a built-in banana bag. To discover the rest of the collection, stay tuned!

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