Fenty Releases Drop 3 Exclusively for Luxury Retailer Farfetch

The brand continues to embrace the aesthetic of the '90s with a collection exclusively available for the fashion and luxury platform.
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Farfetch has announced its alliance with Fenty with the launch of the third drop of their summer collection, titled Release 6-20. This union will allow the brand to achieve greater global exposure and make the latest Fenty pieces available to a wider audience, including the summer items form Release 6-20, and other proposals.


“We are delighted to welcome FENTY to the Farfetch platform. We have long admired FENTY's innovative approach to the luxury fashion industry and how they advocate inclusion for clients. FENTY was looking for a retail partner to duplicate its 'digital first' focused business model and with our global customer base and industry leading platform model, it is an ideal opportunity to work together,” commented Giorgio Belloli, Commercial Director of Farfetch.

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For the brand, created by singer Rihanna, the fundamental value is the inclusion of all kinds of clients - regardless of their size, race or gender, everyone can create a multifaceted wardrobe.

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The collection commemorates the creativity and unwavering spirit of young people, and it is precisely the decades of important social changes that are the ultimate inspiration. With the Drop 3, reference is made to the culmination of the summer, which takes up the silhouettes of the '90s, with psychedelic flower motifs and asymmetrical cuts.

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