Mytheresa x Gabriela Hearst

Luxury fashion online retailer Mytheresa is thrilled to announce the launch of an exclusive capsule collection by designer Gabriela Hearst, the 15th Mytheresa Woman.
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Having grown up on a ranch in Uruguay and now embracing a metropolitan life in New York, Gabriela Hearst is one of the most successful business women in the fashion industry today. Since launching her eponymous label in 2015, she has been awarded the International Woolmark Prize for Womens-wear and the Pratt Institute Fashion Visionary Award, and has been nominated for the CFDA Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent and the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year.

Noting her inspiring journey, Gabriela Hearst was chosen as the latest Mytheresa Woman. For this special campaign, Gabriela invited Mytheresa to Pioneer Works in Brooklyn where she opened up on her inspirations, her commitments and the way her lifestyle impacts her label. Captured exclusively for Mytheresa, the designer states that “Luxury takes time”; she highlights the importance of having sustainability at the forefront of industry conversations, and explains how she manages to make her label not only profitable and eco-friendly but also desirable. The video offers an exclusive look into Gabriela Hearst’s philosophy through the Mytheresa lens.

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As an addition to her “Mytheresa Woman” portrait, Gabriela Hearst has also designed a capsule collection exclusive to Mytheresa. Evoking the modern, chic and minimalist aesthetic of the epony-mous brand, the 18-piece collection comprises bold smoking suits, maxi-length dresses and skirts, and timeless coats and knitwear, making everyday elegance an effortless affair.

Gabriela Hearst says: "When Michael Kliger suggested the idea of a collaboration. I was thrilled and honored for this opportunity. I wanted to make sure we were producing a collection that was mean-ingful, inspiring and beautiful at the same time. As a US board member of Save The Children, my mind went straight to Eglantyne Jebb its founder, as we are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of STC. The colors of the collection came from the iconic logo of STC. 20 % of proceeds of this collaboration will go to support the Centennial Campaign. I have deep admiration for the past, present and future work of Save The Children."

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The exclusive Gabriela Hearst Mytheresa Woman campaign combining a shoppable editorial, a filmed interview and a written profile will be available globally on Mytheresa from September 25th, 2019. The Mytheresa x Gabriela Hearst capsule will also launch globally on Mytheresa from September 25th, 2019.

Mytheresa and Gabriela Hearst will each donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the exclusive capsule collection to Save the Children – the biggest independent children’s rights organization aim-ing to improve children’s lives around the world by giving them a healthy start, an education, and protection from the harm for more than 100 years now.

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Q&A with Gabriela Hearst

What are your thoughts of being part of Mytheresa Women Series?

It’s an honor to be included in a series highlighting women that have used their platform to support others: entrepreneurs, mothers, and working professionals all trying to do their best.

How does the collaboration of Mytheresa come about?

Well, I would say Michael Kliger (CEO of Mytheresa) to start and being persuaded with good German chocolate.
I am not really interested in doing a capsule just for the sake of doing one. Mytheresa is such an incredible platform and I wanted to create something with purpose. Because of my involvement with Save the Children, my mind went straight to Eglantyne Jebb its founder as the inspiration for the collection. The color palette comes from the colors used in the iconic logo. 20 % of proceeds of this collaboration will go to support their Centennial Campaign. I have a deep admiration for the past, present and future work of Save The Children.

Does your Uruguayan upbringing influence your aesthetic in design?

Yes, I always say that you can take the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl. I always need a certain space and cleanliness and a certain level of harmony and peace that comes from being remotely in nature. And at the same time, I am always looking at that utilitarian aspect that you have from growing up in a ranch. And obviously a sustainable aspect as well, because when you grew up so remote, you tend to really cherish what you have, because you can’t go into the store and buy something. You just need to have very It’s not a lot and of quality. So, those are the essence of our collection.

How did you establish your sustainable approach for your namesake label?

We started with two main values, long-term view, and sustainability. Every decision that we make, we check these values.

How important is it to you that the industry becomes more responsible for promoting sustainability and those values?
I think it’s critical. The importance is an actual need because we can’t continue how we are functioning right now, and we have to figure out the way to do what we love and what we are good at. The business that we are creating, but what is the real cost to the world and to our own humanity. So, we really need to rethink how we do things. The positive side of it is all the tools are already in existence, now we just need to make change.

How do you want to grow your brand in the future?

There is only way you can grow true luxury and that’s slowly. For nearly five years, we have been controlling our growth and making sure we are doing it organically. I think step by step, that’s how you do it. I am pretty clear for the mission I have for the collections during my lifetime. Then there will be somebody else to think about it for the next.

How do you deal with the stress that comes with having such a busy lifestyle?

I do yoga three times a week and work with my trainer Jake who I refer to as “the fighter of gravity”. I also meditate daily for twenty minutes, and do a lot of reading. So, yes, it’s still very hard, but you have to do those things because your health is your number one priority.

What is more important in order to become successful, ambition or talent?

It’s hard for me to define myself as successful. I think you have to have some courage. And you have to have ambition and you have to have talent. And above all you have to have perseverance to work really hard, more than talent and more than ambition, you have to have a perseverance.

What do you believe is the greatest challenge that we currently face?

The overconsumption, that we are existing, and not being in touch with our humanity. We need to realize how we are connected with each other. Everyone is facing climate change crisis and we need to recognize that and take action.

Who is your style icon?

Lauren Hutton

How do you feel about the key player of the new wave in American fashion? And how would you like to see the American fashion landscape develop?

I think that we live in a global world. I think that America is going through a lot of changes right now and turmoil. I think that these are great times for creatives to express their vision and their anxieties and their new way of where we want to go. I think that when there is a challenge, there is always an opportunity.

Mytheresa x Gabriela Hearst

About Gabriela Hearst

Gabriela honored her family’s heritage through the launch of her eponymous label in Fall 2015 after taking over the operations of her father’s ranch in Uruguay. She wanted to create a brand that reflects a slower pace and process: where things are made with care and detail, where tradition is more important than trend, where there is a purpose to every piece. Gabriela’s commitment is to make a strong and modern collection without compromising her ethics and key values, taking into consideration where materials come from and who is making them: luxury with a conscience, or in other words, “honest luxury”. The Gabriela Hearst Flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York opened in November 2018, the London store on Brook street opened August 2019.

About Mytheresa

Mytheresa (www.mytheresa.com) is one of the world’s leading online stores for luxury fashion. Launched in 2006, they offer more than 200 top international brands, including Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Prada, Valentino and many more. The product selection boasts clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. In 2014, Mytheresa was acquired by the Neiman Marcus Group, a multibrand omni-channel fashion retailer.

About Mytheresa Women series

Since 2013 Mytheresa has presented a series of style profiles that feature women whose personality, style and influence we admire. Each instalment combines shoppable editorial, a filmed interview and written profile. The series includes portraits of Alexa Chung, Clémence Poésy, Diane Kruger, Victoria Beckham, Brooke Shields, Liv Tyler, Elisa Sednaoui Dellal and Tory Burch.

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