Gucci Unveils a Limited Edition Capsule Collection with Isabella Cotier

A range of pieces featuring illustrations by the London-based artist are now available exclusively at the Gucci Garden.
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Gucci's fascination with eccentricity continues. For the latest in its series of artist collaborations, the Italian fashion house has teamed up with Isabella Cotier. The London-based artist makes the locals of Florence the quirky subjects of her playful illustrations, which were created as she ventured around the cafés, markets and streets of Gucci's birthplace. 


Cotier's work takes centre stage across a new capsule collection of hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts and tote bags that is now available only at the Gucci Garden. Check out the pieces below:


That's not all. Gucci Garden has also stocked up on its range of exclusive products, which now includes a golden military-style frock coat, a black and pink short sheepskin coat and a floral-printed jacket with pink satin trim. Everyone's favourite Princetown loafers have also taken a different form with new prints, while Gucci's Sylvie handbag is now available in an array of garden-inspired patterns. View them all below:


And if those weren't enough reason to head to Gucci's museum in Florence ASAP, take a sneak peek at the new Björk-dedicated exhibition that is now showing at the Gucci Garden Galleria. 



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