Gucci's New Campaign: #GucciPrêtÀPorter

Alessandro Michele reveals his inspiration for the newest Gucci collection.
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Alessandro Michele reveals Gucci's newest campaign for Autumn 2019. Inspired by the story behind prêt-à-porter, the photos reveal the beauties of this universe - the creation of the pieces, fittings, parades, backstages, editorials and street style.

The campaign speaks directly to the imagery of the brand's creative director, who recreates four celebrated decades of ready-to-wear: the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.

1563787134884680 gucci campanha 15
(Photos: Press Release)

Shot by Glen Luchford, the campaign #GucciPrêtÀPorter has an air of nostalgia. "Ready-to-wear is in the headlines again and has become the protagonist, just as it was 30 years ago, when the sensationalism of the covers was focused only on the length of the sheaths, the color of the season and a new fabric," says the Italian brand in a statement. It is an ode to the pre-internet time, in which the fashion image process had its own time and caused commotion to be revealed.

See more campaign photos and the inspirational video!

1563787135392506 gucci campanha 23 1563787135678769 gucci campanha 24
1563787135944239 gucci campanha 25 1563787136196355 gucci campanha 28
(Photos: Press Release)
1563787136469920 gucci campanha 3 1563787136757542 gucci campanha 4
1563787137049045 gucci campanha 5 1563787137394616 gucci campanha 7
(Photos: Press Release)

Watch the video below:

Gucci Prêt-À-Porter: The Fall-Winter 2019 Campaign
1563787137983998 gucci campanha 8
(Photos: Press Release)
1563787138248276 gucci campanha 9
(Photos: Press Release)
1563787138503765 gucci campanha 13
(Photos: Press Release)
1563787138812960 gucci campanha 21
(Photos: Press Release)
1563787139085329 gucci campanha 20
(Photos: Press Release)
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(Photos: Press Release)
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(Photos: Press Release)

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