Gunia: Exploring Artisanal Techniques & Searching for Craftsmen

From 2017 the brand was existing as a non-commercial creative and experimental project. A group of like-minded volunteers was organizing research expeditions for exploring artisanal techniques and searching for craftsmen. Gunias were our first products, which then became an inspiration for the brand’s name.
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Gunia is a traditional Hutsul fur, which is made from goat’s wool. After the fur is made, it is being washed in special pits with mountain water. Owing to wash, the wool becomes dense, lush, and soft.

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The first collection of silk headscarves released in 2018, which was inspired by ornaments of Ukrainian towels of 18 century. The work experience with museums allowed us to understand the breadth of opportunities for interpretations and allowed us to gain a more in-depth knowledge of Ukrainian folk culture.

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Gunia project became a brand with a permanent team and precise ideology in 2019. In the same year, the team created its ceramic workshop, established the whole production cycle, and began to create new workplaces. The teams consist of eight people: founders, two managers, and four workers of a ceramic workshop.

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The main Gunia’s mission is to interpret folk culture and integrate elements of national heritage in contemporary functional objects. We create objects as a tradition that does not lose its relevance, does not go out of fashion, and becomes a family property, which involves long-term durability and transfers from parents to kids as a family relic rather than an ordinary household object. We must save a cultural heritage of Ukrainians, their techniques, and overcome a social stereotype about the Ukrainian culture.

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One of our main aims is to popularize a niche production and show the society that handmade work can be well-paid, comfortable, and promising.


By creating new workplaces we want to draw attention to the youth and teach them techniques which sadly are losing their demand on the market and becoming extinct. Among them: tempered glass production, Carpathian furs gunias, wickerwork, belt weaving, handmade ceramic production and painting, handmade techniques of textile treatment, jewelry art, and carpet weaving.

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By attracting people of different ages we create a platform for experience sharing, where older masters can share all their knowledge with youth.

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When developing our new product, we try to consider its function and usage ahead and minimize it's wearing out. For example, our candles can be refilled, jewelry can be coated with gold again, and the ceramics can be fixed. We create a product as a tradition, where objects do not lose their value or go out of fashion and become a family heritage, which means its long life cycle and transition from parents to kids more as a family relic and heritage, rather than a domestic item.

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