Hat Trick: Dior's Bucket Hat

Once the mainstay of soldiers and farmers, the bucket hat has made quite the fashion comeback, with an 'It item' status firmly solidified by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior Fall/Winter 2019.
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You’re sure to be familiar with that ubiquitous teen movie storyline where the nerdy outsider gets given the ultimate makeover by the cool girls (see Clueless for reference). Well, the fashion equivalent of that would probably be the bucket hat. First conceived of as a purely utilitarian item worn by farmers, fishermen, soldiers, and the like as protection from the rain, over the years the hat has made the leap from function to fashion. The hip-hop community made it cool in the ‘80s, it was seen everywhere in the ‘90s, and now the bucket hat is back and better than ever, thanks to Dior.

Inspired by the Teddy Girls, a British youth subculture that expressed rebellion against the status quo through their sartorial choices, Dior’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection saw every look in the show paired with a bucket hat. Moving beyond the casual streetwear and athleisure look we’re used to seeing, artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri gave the bucket hat a major upgrade with Dior’s signature ladylike aesthetic.

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Designed as a “poetic tribute to Stephen Jones, Dior’s British milliner”, as well as the Teddy Girls, the delicate bob hats come in an array of materials and patterns, such as leopard-print, soft plaid, woven raffia, and leather. For a touch of elegance, the hats sport a wider brim and a mini veil, and are also reversible with the iconic Dior Oblique canvas lining the other side, so you can go from refined to full-on logomania. Definitely a must-have to add to your fashion wish list. Take a closer look below:


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