Haute Couture: Schiaparelli AI 2018

"Fantasy is a flower that dies in passivity, in order to grow, it needs determination." Elsa Schiaparelli
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The cosmopolitan sophistication of the Schiaparelli woman confirms itself as a symptom of style dictated by great personality. The new collection is characterized by a versatile elegance that is representative of the Mediterranean, but also European, origins of the Maison. The Esprit de Jour alternates with the Esprit de Nuit, not without amazement. In fact, the day is sublimated by black, populated with butterflies and golden padlocks, which seal the female body in embroidered patterns, buttons and sophisticated bijoux. The night, instead, is represented by bold, decidedly colorful and sumptuous, almost experimental clothes. In this case femininity is underlined by pure lines and almost liquid cuts. Impressive are the animalier fantasies, just like Elsa's passions for butterflies, for dogs, for stars and stars, but also for art and for the most esoteric jewels. Wigs and plumage become modern in creating a message aimed at celebrating the idea of ​​freedom: so precious, to be guarded with a padlock.


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