Heartbreaking News From Sies Marjan

The New York-based brand Sies Marjan has decided to close the brand due to financial problems after the pandemic.
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The Covid-19 epidemic, which took over the world, affected many businesses, including those of the fashion world. Many brands had to make important decisions, such as not organising their fashion shows for the time being or reducing the number of the collections per year. However, not all brands were able to survive the complicated period - and, sadly, among them is Sies Marjan.


Led by creative director Sander Lak, the brand saw incredible success and signed a special deal with the department store Barneys New York. Despite that, the store had to file for bankrucpty and closed its doors at the end of 2019, causing an economic blow to Sies Marjan.


Backed by billionaires Nancy and Howards Marks, the brand was unable to invest in consumer retailing early enough and relied on wholesale instead. Sander Lak has made a statement regarding the decision to close the brand: “As a young and independent company, we were very affected by Covid-19. With a heavy heart, we have made the very difficult decision to close our business.” He also expressed gratitude to his supporters and collaborators. “A dream we worked on came true. I would like to thank everyone who gave Sies Marjan their time and talents over the years. We have created a single brand whose legacy is not only in outfits and collections, but in everyone who contributed along the way."

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